Andhra Pradesh/AP Teacher Transfers 2017 Scheduled.

Andhra Pradesh/AP Teacher Transfers 2017 Scheduled.

AP Teacher transfers of Headmasters Grade II Gazetted and teachers working in Government / ZPP / MPP schools in Andhra Pradesh School Education Service and Andhra Pradesh School Education Subordinate Service Rules/Scheduled for Government have decided to issue rules relating to transfers and there is a need to rationalize the staff in schools and posts in Primary/Upper Primary and High Schools at and as there are some schools with higher enrolment of students sanctioned teaching posts and on the other hand there are some schools with uneconomic enrolment of students with more teachers.

Government desires to ensure appropriate school/class level teacher – pupil ratio and strengthen academic monitoring/ support to teachers at mandal and divisional level. Keeping the above in view, there is need to rationalizing the staffing pattern by way of transfers.

Sl. Activity. Activity Date to from
1 Rationalization of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools 01-03-2017 to 15-04-2017
2 Display of List of vacancies Management wise, Category Wise, subject Wise, Medium Wise in website in respect of Primary, Upper Primary and High Schools 01-05-2017
4 Applying for transfer by HM / Teacher online and submission of print out application form to the concerned M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. 01-05-2017 to 03-05-2017
5 Receiving print out of the application form by the D.E.O. after verification by M.E.O. / Dy.E.O. and preparation of seniority list. 01-05-2017 to 05-05-2017
6 Display of provisional Seniority lists based on performance points and entitlement points a website 06-05-2017
7 Submission of uploaded objections in the website and the proof if any to the District Educational Officer 06-05-2017 to 08-05-2017
8 Redressal of Objections / replies posted on website by District Educational Officer. 09-05-2017
9 Conformation and willingness of application to participate in transfer counseling by H.M / Teacher 09-05-2017 to 10-05-2017
10 Display of final Seniority list with performance points and entitlement points in website 11-05-2017
11 Submission of online web option by the Headmaster/teacher 11-05-2017 to 14-05-2017
12 Displaying of provisional allotment places list 18.05.2017
13 Grievances if any on provisional allotment list 18.05.2017 to 19.05.2017
14 Redressal of Grievances by District Level Committee 20.05.2017 to 22.5.2017

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