TS SA2 Exams: Conduct and Evaluation Dates Schedule 2017

schedule for Telangana TS SA-2 EXAMS Conduct & Evaluation – Issue of the Cumulative Records

1.Correction of Answer scripts Dates: 7th to 16th March 2017

2. Answer scripts to Parents through students for their  examination and for signature: 7th March 2017

3. Filling of the Records and Registers and Cumulative Records: 7th to 19th March 2017

4. Meeting with Parents to discuss the progress and issue of Progress Reports (Cumulative Records) : 20th March 2017

5. The Student obtain signature of the Parents on Cumulative Records and return to the Class Teacher: 21st March 2017

6. Next Academic year 2017-18: 21st March 2017

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