Telangana Summative Assessment 2 ( TS SA2) Exams Time Table 2017

Time Table for Telangana Summative assessment TS SA2 for Classes from 1st to 10th (SSC)

Time Table for Telangana Summative assessment for Classes from 1st to 10th (SSC) have been released by TS Government. Sri G.Kishan, Director of SSA released this on 23rd Jan 2017. In the notification he ordered all the RDSEs,  DEOs ,  vide reference cited,  the draft question papers developed at the Districts have been discussed in the State Level Workshop by the subject experts and edited and finalized.  The finalized question papers have,  been handed over to DCEB Secretary pertaining to the Districts for under taking printing and conduct of School Assistant-ll examinations.  The District Educational Officer are requested to verity the edited question papers and take up the printing as per the procedure in vogue.  The District Educational Officers of the erstwhile districts are requested to take up the printing of the question paper for all the New District formed in the main District A set of the printed question paper shall be submitted to Director SCERT in a sealed cover without fail.

vide reference 3rd  cited,  orders have been issued for the conduct of Pre-Final examination from for class X from 20.02.2017 to 06.03.2017 along with daily schedule.

As per the academic calendar the schedule for the conduct of Summative Assessment(SA-II)  examination will be from 07.03.2017 to I4.03.2017 for classesIto lX.

There fore the schedule for conduct of the summative assessment (SA-2) from 07/03/2017 to 14 03/2017 is given here under for classes 1st to 9th class.
Sub: School Education,  Telangana,  Hyderabad Conduct of Summative Assessment Examinations(SA-ll) from 07/03/2017 to 14/03/2017 orders Issued Reg. Rc.No.92/DSC/Acadmic/2017

Telangana SA2 (TS Summative Assessment II) Time Table for 2017 6th, 7th,8th,9th classes

S. No.Date of ExaminationClasses I to V 09.30 -12.00Subjects forclass VI and VII (10.00 – 12.45)Subjects forclass VIII (2:00 to 4:45)Subjects forclass IX (10.00 – 12.45)Subjects forclass IX (02.00-04.45)
 07th March, 2017 
First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.)First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.)MathematicsMathematics Paper-IMathematics Paper-II
08th March, 2017 
EnglishSecond Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.)Physical Science in the morning session (10:00 AM to 12:45 PM) & Biological Science in the evening session (2:00 PM to 4:45 PM)Physical ScienceBiological Science
09th March, 2017 
MathematicsThird Language (English)Social StudiesSocial Studies Paper-ISocial Studies Paper-II
10th March, 2017 
EVSSocial StudiesFirst Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.)First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) Paper-1First Language (Telugu/ Urdu etc.) Paper-11
13th March, 2017 
MathematicsSecond Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.)Third Language (English) Paper-IThird Language (English) Paper-II
14th March, 2017 
General ScienceThird Language (English)Second Language (Hindi/ Telugu etc.) (9:30 AM to 12:45 PM)

Download Timetable in word format from here: Download

Telangana Summative Assessment 2 Time Table 2017 for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th classes

07.03.2017WednesdayFirst Language
08.03.2017ThursdayThird Language
Note: The Examination duration for 2 Language paper for both Hindi & Telugu  is for 3 hours in view of single paper.
During the examination period i e. from 07.03.2017 to 14.03.2017 the answer scripts must be valued and Cumulative Records shall be completed in all aspects by 16.03.2017.

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