Telangana SSC 2017 Marks Assessment Guidelines

Telangana CCE SSC 2017 Marks Assessment Guidelines 92/ DSE/academic/2016  Dated:  23.12.2016 Sub:  School Education,  Telangana.  Hyderabad-Monitoring the conduct of CCE ie.  Summative and Formative Assessment and award of marks for Class X in both Government and Private Management schools-Orders issued Reg.

Telangana CCE SSC 2017 Marks Assessment Guidelines:

 Ref Proceedings of DSE 405/DC&T/SCERT/2015 dated. .08.2016
 All the RJDSEs and DEOs in the State are hereby informed that vide reference cited orders have been issued for monitoring the implementation of CCE with a focus on conduct of Formative Examination and award of marks in all the Schools.

  In this regard,  all the DEOs are directed to constitute Expert Teams with Head Masters and subject experts a Team for one or two mandals.  Each Team shall constitute onc Headmaster and six subject experts and given with 20 High schools i e.,  both Government and Private Management Schools,  for Monitoring the implementation of CCE and allotment of internal marks to the Formative Assessment items in all types of schools i.e.  both Govt.  and Private management schools.
The DEO shall nominate one expert Head Master from the nearby schools shall be designate as Nodal Officers to assist DEO to Plan and Monitor the entire work of monitoring of CCE and related academic work in the District.  The Nodal Officer shall list out all types of High Schools and allocate to each Team along with dates of visits.
  The experts from SCERT's and State Level Resource Group shall conduct orientation to the district level Monitoring Team members through Video Conference for effective conduct of school visits and monitor the implementation of CCE which includes allotment of internal marks Vis-a-vis formative records.
The Teams shall visit all the schools during January 2017 and observe the records of CCE e,  both Summative-l and (03)  Formative Assessments.  In case of Summative assessment.  the Team shall observe the proper valuation of answer scripts,  sending answer script to th parents and obtaining their signature on the answer seripts,  entering the marks in the CCE register and cumulative records etc.  In case of Formative Assessment s the Teams shall observe the children records and award of marks and posting in the CCE register and also in cumulative records.  The award of marks based grades shall be revised and school Head Master shall enter in the registers and records accordingly.  The MEO must accompany the Teams during their visit to the schools in his/her Mandal.
 The Monitoring Team again Visit the schools during February to observe the IV Formative Assessment and final allotment of marks for Class X students in all types of schools.  The award of marks grades shall be observed vis-a-vis with records and corrected properly and certified.  In case of improper children records and award of marks the Team shall correct the records and take photograph of records and sent to District Educational Officer for further necessary action.  Further the photos of certain good practices may be taken up and send to District Educational Officer for appreciation.  Based on the certification from Monitoring Team Members,  the final marks shall be furnished to Director of Government Examination.  The District Educational Officer must check the process every day and ensure the proper monitoring of CCE by the Teams.  The actual bus charges may be reimbursed to the Monitoring Teams.  The District Educational Officer is requested to send expenditure details to release the funds from State so that amount shall be credited to the bank accounts of Head Masters online by the District Educational Officers,

A video conference is proposed to be conducted on 30.12.2016 from 11.00 AM to l.00 PM with the District Educational Officers and Monitoring Team members and necessary guidelines will be issued along with Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)  and clarifications thereon.  The Monitoring Team will be held responsible for any deviations and manipulation in award of marks of the students for Formative Assessment for Class X by the concerned schools,
 The Secretaries of DCEB,  available in erstwhile districts and Nodal Officers shall plan and implement the programme as indicated above and ensure that the award of marks and grades are as per the student records and the records shall be preserved as per G.O.Rt.No.17.  dated 14.05.2014,
 The State Level Teams shall be drafted to all the Districts during February-2017 to cross check the work done by Monitoring Teams in the schools and any deviations is noticed necessary action will be initiated against the Team Members for certifying the marks/grades without verifying the students records pertaining to both Fommative and Summative Assessments.  Further,  DEO are responsible for proper Monitor ofCCE work in the District.
 The RJDSEs must visit at least(5)  High Schools per District and observe the effective conduct of monitoring of CCE and award of marks grades and submit a report to the Director of School Education,
 All the RJDSEs and DEOs are directed to take necessary action as per the guidelines indicated above and any deviation will be viewed seriously.

*Telangana CCE SSC 2017 Marks Assessment Guidelines 

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